Founded in 1993 in France, SERCIA (Société pour l'Enseignement et la Recherche du CInéma Anglophone) is a European academic society that promotes the study and teaching of cinema produced in English-speaking countries, as well as the growing number of English-language films produced elsewhere in the world. Equal attention is paid to mainstream, independent and experimental cinema, television and other audiovisual forms. We also encourage pluridisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity and welcome scholars working in aesthetics, cultural studies, film history, gender studies, musicology, reception studies and other related fields. We aim to create an atmosphere that is at once friendly and scholarly, and are always happy to welcome new members, whether confirmed academics, PhD candidates or independent scholars.

A themed conference is organized every September and is followed by the publication of a collected volume and/or peer-reviewed journal issue. Recent conferences have been held in Arras, Bologna, Brest, Paris and Växjö, and we have worked with such publishers as Bloomsbury, Corlet, McFarland, Mimesis International, Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux, Presses Universitaires-François Rabelais and Routledge. Click on “Trouble on Screen” for information about the 2019 SERCIA conference that will be held in Brest, France. The 2020 and 2021 conferences will be held in Zaragoza and Clermont-Ferrand. SERCIA also has a peer-reviewed e-journal called Film Journal, which welcomes submissions by non-SERCIA members as well.


La SERCIA est une société savante européenne fondée en 1993 qui a pour but la réunion de chercheurs et la promotion de la recherche et de la publication dans le domaine du cinéma anglophone. Elle organise des collogues et publie des livres contenant une sélection d’articles qui y ont été présentés.
Vous trouverez sur ce site toutes les informations pratiques sur la SERCIA, ainsi que l'actualité des événements à venir, la présentation des livres et des liens internet. Cliquez sur Film Journal pour accéder à la revue électronique de la SERCIA. Cliquez sur « Troubles à l'écran » pour plus d'informations concernant le prochain colloque de la SERCIA de 2019 qui aura lieu à Brest.